Making programming fun in Hawaii
All ages, sizes, and genders are welcome to learn coding
Hilo family joins in the fun

Computer Science Education for Kids on the Big Island

KeikiTech is a non-profit organization based in Hilo, Hawai'i. We teach kids computer science, software engineering and general tech skills.

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Learn As You Play

Minecraft Workshops

Javascript inside of Minecraft, connect at home!

Minecraft on the Raspberry Pi, our latest workshop suited for all ages.

Stay Safe Online

The internet is a great place, but it's important to stay safe online.

We'll show you how and why.

Raspberry Pi

Learn with the nifty Raspberry Pi!

This credit card-sized computer can help you learn everything.

We've packed it with neat software to suit all ages, along with a binder to get started.

Preparation for School

Get ahead of the "game" by learning programming fundamentals early.

Many wise pioneers learned early, and so can you!

Click the dots below the iPad to see activities

  • ScriptCraft Plugin for Minecraft
  • MIT's Scratch
  • Raspberry PI

About Us

Celia Bardwell-Jones

Celia Bardwell-Jones, PhD

Consultant for Ethics and Diversity in Science and Technology

Celia is an Assistant Professor in the UH Hilo Philosophy department, as well as the Program Coordinator for the Women's Studies Certificate Program.

Theodore DeRego

Theodore DeRego


Teddy is a Junior in the UHH Computer Science program, and he loves to code.

Most of his experience is from game development as a hobby in high school, but now he primarily develops Bioinformatics software at PBARC.

Denby Erece

Denby Erece

Outreach Coordinator

Denby is a graduate of UH Hilo's Biology program.

She's also the mother of a certified hacker-in-training, and enjoys doing anything she can to encourage her kids and their friends in positive educational pursuits -- especially fun ones.

Brian Hall

Brian Hall

Executive Director, Instructor

Brian is a Master’s student in the ICS program at UH Manoa, and he works as Research Support at the USDA-PBARC here in Hilo.

Before moving to Hawai’i he was an Assistant Director at a Montessori kindergarten in South Korea.

He looks forward to an old age surrounded by the amazing technology our students will build.

Mike Purvis

Mike Purvis

Director of Technology

Mike graduated from UH Hilo and likes to keep active within the growing tech community on Big Island.

He's involved in some great Meetup groups forming in the Hilo area, and he volunteers with Hawaii Techworks as well.

Upcoming Events

Teddy's Adder Workshop

Hardware Workshop with Teddy

Learn to use a breadboard! Teddy will teach you how to create something called an "adder" in this workshop.

Event takes place from 5:30 - 7:00 pm

47 Rainbow Drive
Hilo, HI 96720

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